Because the plants come from Holland

All the best nurseries in Italy and in Europe they buy flowers from Holland, it's really interesting to know why!

The Aalsmeer Flower Auction (Amsterdam) is the largest flower auction in the world. You cannot think of having an assortment and high quality of plants or flowers without having the possibility of buying every day with your own representative in this incredible place. In this place it is normal that the quality of each plant we buy for our online sale is certified.

This place is truly fascinating and has the largest footprint of any building in the world, even the Guinness Book of World Records recognizes it as the largest commercial building in the world . It covers an area of 990,000 m² and once inside you can see how difficult it is to see the other end of the building due to how large it is. This place is huge, hundreds of people of all ages and races talking and moving fast, pulling carts of plants and flowers here and there.

The auction room is then the most interesting and fully automated. Every day of the week, around 20 million flowers are sold inside this huge structure, which represents a third of all flowers sold worldwide. Many of the flowers in the Aalsmeer market are grown in the Netherlands, but others are grown in faraway places like Kenya, Uganda, Thailand, Brazil, Israel, etc…

Around 6,000 growers sell their produce from all over the world to over 2,000 buyers through this Dutch auction. There are five distinct platforms where the auctions are conducted and visitors, paying an entrance fee , can watch from a walkway suspended 20 meters above the trading floor.

We at Casa delle Piante believe that you cannot sell plants and flowers online in a serious and professional manner without also having the assortment and quality of the Aalsmeer market to offer to your customers. Every week we have at least two arrivals of fresh plants and flowers purchased from our contact person in Holland in order to guarantee freshness and excellent quality every day of the year.