Packaging and card included

Packaging and card included

You can ask us for a gift box and to write an accompanying note, at no additional cost.

Free delivery for plants and flowers

Free delivery for plants and flowers

Delivery of plants and flowers in Italy, with express tracked service, is always included in the price.

Prestigious customized packaging

Prestigious customized packaging

Our packaging is designed to preserve and protect plants and flowers. Our stylish boxes are printed and made from recycled and recyclable cardstock.

Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

We believe that our success depends on your satisfaction. That's why, we are proud to offer you additional protection not required by law.


Verified reviews

What amazed me even more than the quality of the plant was the quality of customer assistance, I had a problem and they solved it immediately with great kindness and professionalism

A great gift for a novice plant lover, really easy to care for

Always surprised by the quality of the plants. Really compliments.

First time buying flowers online, fully satisfied with both the flowers and the service

I've been a long time customer, they've never got a delivery date wrong. Really compliments.

The best customer service I've seen so far, quick, efficient and always friendly.

I didn't know what to get as a gift but thanks to Casa delle Piante I was able to give a beautiful Bonsai, and thanks to the excellent service I was able to send it to the interested party's home exactly on the scheduled day.

I had problems ordering but the customer service was very kind and professional and helped me place the order without any problems. Thank you.

The plant is beautiful and robust, the shipment was fast and flawless, congratulations for everything

Truly congratulations to Casa delle Piante because they managed to gather the Christmas spirit in a floral arrangement of great effect.

Enough with the synthetic plants. I chose this site because it only sells live plants and always of excellent quality

I was really amazed how quickly and accurately they handled my order, very unique

Cynthia D'alessandro (Power)
Mark Signori (Wedge)
Luisa Minossi (Milan)
Carlotta Fariti (Milano)
Giulianova Meneghini (Milan)
Pierfrancesco Savani (Lawn)
Marco Bulgari (Catania)
Liliana Sarri (Naples)
Matthias Canepa (Power)
Luana Francescani (Rieti)
Alice Shoots (Milan)
John Rabbini (Frosinone)