Bamboo Orchid

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Description: Beautiful, original and resistant orchid. The Dendrobium quality, also called Bamboo orchid due to the stem, with its abundant, colorful and elegant flowering always manages to attract attention.
It is appreciated for its abundant and long-lasting flowering as well as for the relative ease of cultivation in our climates.
It is used as a houseplant, suitable for very bright rooms.
If you choose one of the transparent pots, you will allow sunlight to reach the roots, making them more active, strong and efficient.

Botanical name : Dendrobium phalaenopsis
Family : Orchidaceae

Origin : Asia, Australia and New Zealand

Vase of your choice included: Orchidea vase cover
Pot size: Ø 14cm - h 20cm.
Plant height with pot : 40 -55 cm.

Pack size: 22 x 22 x62 cm.